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Hey, everyone I'm excited to announce that I finally got an opportunity to be on set of a movie, last Thursday!  It all started with this guy online looking for some specai effects artist / makeup artist.  So I contacted him to see if there was anything I could do to help.  So we got talking and he inviting me over.  And boy, the greatest day!  I got to hang to hang with the cast N crew help on the set and I even got some behind of the scenes photos!  I'll start posting them here, once its clear to do so!  And BTW, I am officially a photographer now and up for hire now!  So if interested message me for further info!
Hello, everyone, it is is people like :iconbriannabater: & :iconstephvanrijn: That have inspired me to come forward and share this with you all.  Once when I was little kid, I was about 9, 10, 11.  Anyway I was at this program for the disabled along with my brother, and it was during lunch time.  And I had with me at the table was a toy car, and when I came to the dinner table the staff told to put away, I refused.  Because what staff didn't know was I using toys as fidgets. So they put me in time out, and took the toy car away from me.  So here I am in the corner banging my fist on a vent.  Next thing I know a staff member comes up from behind me and picks me up.  Next thing I remember is seeing carpet come flying into my face and feeling this sharp burning as a scrapped upon the rug.  Then they dragged me off into anther room leaving my shoes behind or one.  Then they put me in some sort of warp that I remember them referring it to as "the taco".  They then layed me down and told me to count to 100.  But there was a problem, I couldn't breath.  I began to panic scream and beg.  And at that moment I thought I was going to die.  Finally one of the staff members raised me up were I was able to as instructed.  And later on they feed me a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich and gave the toy car back. Then when parents came to pick me up they told my parents that the injury's to my face were self inflected.  And when I got home I wasn't feeling well I couldn't keep anything down.  Finally my dad checked my eyes and took me to the hospital.  And I was able to return home but it still took me few days for me to recover.  Apparently my illness was the result of a concussion.  Sadly though the staff were never charged for what they did to me.  But I did hear there program was shutdown evantly.…
Hello, everyone I've been working on a project called Trials, for a year now.  I got most of the cast n crew together.  My only setback is funding which, I do not have nor am I able to do.  So I am seeking for anyone who could help with funding.…………
If your intereseted in doing a photoshoot with me, please send me a note or a message, thank you and God bless.
To the anomalous artist who sent me the 1 yr. membership.  Thank you, and God bless!!
You know what that means?!  It means go give Stephanie Van Rijn, model, actress & writer a like! or watch, follow, whatever.
Stephanie van Rijn……

CASTING NOTICE: Milwaukee WI area, short film, Union and Non-Union welcome. This is a professional, paid production. These are not just extra parts. IMdB credit is given too, of course. Filming first week of August 2015 in Milwaukee and surrounding communities.

Production: The Pale Horse by Immanuel Baldwin and Ryan Fleck. Produced by T.O. Media Group, who's last production is being seen at Cannes Shorts Corner, this year, won Award for Merit by the San Francisco Short Film ...Festival, accepted into the Los Angeles Short Film Festival, and more!

Male and Female needed for these scenes.

Several featured background roles needed to be filled. Any ethnicity.
Aside from filming dates below, there are once a month rehearsals and fittings that are mandatory, and scheduled separate from one another.

Submit head shot, body shot, resume and general availability through first week of August, as best you can, to with the role you'd like to submit for in the subject line.

Succubus/Incubus: Need people comfortable around minimal nudity or doing minimal nudity (butt for men, breast for women) for LUST scene in Hell. NOT PORNOGRAPHIC! Professional only need apply for this! Early call times for heavy makeup when filming in first week of August. Should be two to three days of filming and first scene to film.

Death's Guards: Tall, slender (but fit) people of teenage to middle aged. Will have some heavier makeup as well. Only a day or two of filming in first week of August.

Slaves: Need to be slender to scrawny, mid teenage to senior aged. This is not for the buff folks. Will need to be able to portray despair, anger, pain, hopelessness, fear, and more within seconds of each other. One or two days of filming in first week of August.

HURRY! -Kristin Marie Wilson

Hello, everyone sorry I haven't been so active.  Been having some technical difficulties and Ive been busy.  I'm doing an extra in a upcoming film called The Pale Horse.  You can find out more about in the links below.  Also be sure to check out my review on the new Mad Max.  Have great rest of the memorial weekend, God bless GND.……
Some of you might have remembered that I had done some collaboration work with :iconlady-autobot17:.  Wich lately she denied ever giving me permission to do so, but she did and I can prove it.  But anyway, some of you may have also remembered that we had some personal matters between us.  Well, that's all over now, I'm better now and I have moved on.  And now I just want to continue the work I started nearly 3 yrs. ago.  In the meantime I shall continue my work on Trials wich has been indevoplement for moths now.…………………
How was yours?
Happy Fall Fest.
Hello, everyone that was a close one I was about to starve myself, not to death. But still, then the old wise man came home and gave me some advise and took me out to get something to eat. You see lately my life has been in limbo and its fruastrating. I keep waiting for something to happen but nothing ever does. God bless, GND.
Hello, everyone because of my unemployment, because I'm unable to launch my career and so fourth.  I am now starting to fast, hopefully this will bring me closer to God.  God bless, GND.
Okay, everyone there are 6 days left for the humanitarian project Radioactive.  And as far as I know there behind, so no more fooling around this time.  Please, I am asking all of to make a donation if can.…
Hello, everyone I wish to share this with you, this is a drama inspired by a true story. And what I like about it most is the crew will be formed of homeless individuals. But that ant all, this film goes out to all of those out in the streets and victims of abuse, Like me. And on that bombshell I would just like to say that if God be willing, I would love to be part of this.  For more info just click on the link.…
Hello I wish to inform of a project I had in mind.  I am going to make a experimental film and festival project combined.   But I need your help I need resources, funding, various cameras, video devices and possibly your talent.  If your interested and wish to join please let me know, thank you for your time.
For more info just click on the link.…
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You may have notice I have been gone for two days. That because I've been hanging out with the Executive Vice President.

Yeah that's right Vice President of PCM Credit Union. It was great. We went up north at her cabin got to visit the dogs. And this time I sleep in the basement. Which was great because I practically had my own private domain down there. So it was great. And in the way back we took the scenic route on a very curvy. So it was a lot fun, plus it give me an excuse to,get way from the internet for awhile.
Did anyone know that green is my favorite color?
Happy valentines day everyone.  And a special happy valentines day to :iconlady-autobot17: and to my future wife for who ever she should be.:love: